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8am – 5pm

Dirty Truck Bed After PhotoThank you for your interest in ProTech Bedliners, Raleigh’s leader in protective lining and coating services.

Ready to get in touch with us? We offer high-quality polyurethane and polyurea truck bed liners, industrial coatings and more to customers throughout the Triangle region of North Carolina, including Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Our liners help protect your truck bed surfaces from rust and corrosion while also providing a slip-resistant surface to handle the transport of even your largest and most precious loads of cargo. All of our liners are easy to clean and maintain, and won’t crack or break from extensive flexing. Plus, the materials that we use are environmentally friendly and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In addition to our great products, we’re proud to offer the best customer service in the industry. Our customers are our number 1 assets, and we place an extremely high value on the relationships that we build with each and every customer that we serve. In fact, we guarantee outstanding service every time you work with ProTech Bedliners of the Triangle.

Sales and Marketing Manager: Carson Fernandez